About Me

Your Endless Flow for Digital Success

Do you struggle to find the right words to tell your business story?

Do you wish to connect with your audience and grow your online presence? 

Welcome to my world of words, where a passion for writing meets a wealth of experience. I’m Corna Van Der Merwe – a wordsmith extraordinaire, and I’m here to craft your narrative, no matter how intricate or expansive.

Why Choose Me

What distinguishes me is my ability to write across a wide range of niches, from retail and technology to business and finance. I bring strong research skills, SEO expertise, and an acute understanding of target audiences and competitors.

My Journey

My Writing Philosophy

My approach to content writing blends art and science. It combines creativity in selecting words with a systematic approach to research, organisation, and editing.

My content reflects authenticity, clarity, and relevance. Integrity is paramount; I never engage in plagiarism or unethical practices.

My Goals

My primary goal is building lasting client relationships. I aspire to be the go-to writer for businesses needing blog articles, website content, marketing materials, and more. Whether you’re a small business, a digital marketing agency, a startup, or an entrepreneur, I’m here to assist.

Inspiring Success Stories

At The Content Fountain, I measure my success by the accomplishments of my clients. Here are a few stories that highlight the significant impact my writing services have had on businesses:

I was struggling to come up with content for my blog, but The Content Fountain came to the rescue. Corna created engaging and informative blog posts that really helped me connect with my audience.

– Sarah J.

I’ve used The Content Fountain for my email marketing campaigns and have been blown away by the results. The open rates and click-through rates have never been higher!

– Mark D.

Corna at The Content Fountain is amazing. She helped me develop a comprehensive content strategy that really helped me stand out in my industry. I’ve seen a significant increase in traffic and sales since working with her.

– Lisa R.

A Refreshing Approach: Professional Values


I prioritise professionalism, ensuring clear, respectful communication, ethical adherence, and best practices in each project. I shoulder the responsibility, to align my writing with your vision.


Meeting deadlines is non-negotiable. I meticulously plan work, and ensure timely, quality delivery. Punctuality offers you peace of mind, preventing disruptions to your plans.

Your Satisfaction

Your contentment is paramount. I treat your success as mine. I actively listen, collaborate, and revise until you are thrilled with the results. I go the extra mile for all my projects.

Let’s Make Waves Together

I’m eager to embark on this writing journey with you. If you’re ready to elevate your content and connect with your audience on a deeper level, let’s discuss your project. Together, we can bring creativity, clarity, and conviction to every piece of content we create.

Fill out my contact form to shoot me an email.

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8 Questions Answered: A Chat with Corna

Curious to learn more about my experience as a content writer and copywriter?

Check out these 8 informative questions to learn more about my experience, style, and passion for storytelling.

Let’s collaborate and create content that captivates your audience and takes your brand to new heights!

So, what inspired you to become a content writer and copywriter?

As a former product manager responsible for strategic marketing in the corporate world, I discovered the power of persuasive writing to drive business results. I became fascinated with the art of copywriting and honed my skills to help businesses connect with their audiences and achieve their goals.

What’s your secret sauce when creating “wow”-factor content?

I’m all about bringing creativity and strategy together! My secret sauce is understanding a client’s brand and audience and crafting compelling content aligning with their business objectives. I strive to create content that engages and resonates with people, while also delivering tangible results.

What’s your favourite type of content to create, and why?

That’s tough, but I’d say I really enjoy creating blog posts and email content. It’s a great way to showcase a brand’s personality and voice, while also providing value to the audience. Plus, there’s always room for creativity and experimentation!

How do you approach revisions and feedback from clients?

I view revisions and feedback as an opportunity to collaborate and improve. My goal is always to ensure that the final product exceeds the client’s expectations, so I welcome constructive criticism and work closely with them to make any necessary changes.

Can you share an example of a particularly fun or memorable project you’ve worked on?

Sure! I once worked on a project for pet hermit crab food, and it was so much fun to write content that really captured the joy and love that people have for their “crabby” friends. It was definitely a refreshing change of pace from some of the more technical projects I’ve worked on.

What’s your favourite tool or resource for staying up-to-date with the latest trends in content and copywriting?

I’m a big fan of Twitter for staying up-to-date with industry news and insights. I follow a lot of great writers and marketers who share their expertise and opinions on the latest trends and best practices.

How do you keep your writing fresh and creative, even when working on similar projects?

I’m always looking for new ways to approach a project and bring a unique perspective to the table. Whether it’s trying out a new writing technique or brainstorming a new approach, I strive to push the boundaries and create content that stands out.

Finally, why should a client choose you over all the other content writers and copywriters out there?

Well, I think my passion for storytelling and commitment to delivering results for my clients is what sets me apart. I’m a creative thinker who understands the importance of strategy and data-driven decision-making. Plus, I’m easy to work with and always go the extra mile to ensure that my clients are happy with the final product.